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Brickability is one of the leading suppliers of quality architectural masonry, offering the most complete range of products, colours and textures in the UK and across Europe. Architectural masonry products can be manufactured from either natural stone or reconstituted stone, to give your building the desired curb appeal. We have supplied award winning residential projects and commercial buildings, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, technical knowledge and experience.

We select the highest quality architectural masonry available across Europe, and source local varieties from within the UK. Brickability specialises in natural stone, York stone and sandstone.

Brickability’s architectural masonry products are sourced from Forticrete, Lignacite and Plasmor.

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Brickability can provide dry cast stone; a material comprised of ground up stone and course aggregates which produces a good, consistent texture in the finished stone. Conveniently, dry cast stone is quick to produce meaning no order is too large for us to promptly fulfil.

Brickability produces a variety of wet cast stones. These stones use a blend of high quality aggregates and cements to achieve a material of high quality and strength. Once stones are cast, detailing and other finishes such as acid washes can be introduced.