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Brickability is able to offer builders and developers concrete blocks in all shapes, colours and sizes. Our concrete blocks are resistant to all the normal factors you would expect including fire, water, frost and sulphates.

We can source lightweight, load bearing blocks which allow for a quick build, in addition to versatile variants that provide both thermal and sound insulation. Brickability offer standard blocks, foundations, solar or flooring blocks, Plus blocks and Jumbo Plus blocks alongside Hi Seven and Hi Ten concrete blocks.

Our standard and high strength blocks are mainly used for wall construction. They are strong and non-permeable by water or heat, making them the perfect all-rounder for cavity, internal, solid and party walls.

Brickability’s foundation blocks are best suited to supporting solid wall constructions below a damp proof course. They combine great compressive strength with durability and thermal insulation. Our foundation blocks are BBA certified for use beneath damp proof courses.

Our lightweight blocks are produced using a combination of lightweight aggregates, cemented together to form strong concrete. While lighter in weight, these blocks are manufactured to conform to parts one and two of BS 6073 1981.

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Polished Blocks

Brickability has the best range of standard, solar and flooring blocks, as well as lightweight concrete blocks available. Whether required for footings and foundations, or as a base for a floor, we will deliver your blocks to your site whenever preferred and with minimum fuss.