Large Format Clay Blocks

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Designers, architects and specifiers use large format clay blocks to create uniquely distinctive buildings and features. As well as being an attractive option, these blocks are practical too. Their vertical perforations conform to standard size masonry, meaning they can be incorporated into exterior dressings and used to create rain screen cladding, in addition to being suitable for structural work.

Clay modular blocks (as they are also known) can be bonded in using a range of techniques, including stack bonding. This means they can be incorporated easily into many projects without new or unusual techniques needing to be learnt.

Brickability’s large format clay block sizes range from 65mm to 215mm in height, and can be a maximum length of 490mm. All sizes are available in a broad choice of natural and glazed colour options. Our clay modular blocks come from reputable suppliers such as Ibstock, Gima and Janinhoff.

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Large format clay blocks are an interesting alternative to facing bricks. Architects and designers love the modern look of these lightweight, durable blocks, which come in a vast range of colours and textures, including natural finish and glazed variants.